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The interests of the Company spread to industrial and marine engines and in 1912 Saunders of Cowes built a speed-launch powered by two Austin twelve cylinder vee engines of 380 h.p. each. Named Maple Leaf IV, this launch won the British International Trophy contest two years in succession and was credited with a speed of 5078 knots.

In 1913 a sturdy 2-3 ton lorry was produced which marked an excursion into yet another field. This vehicle had a 20 h.p. engine and employed many novel features including a twin bevel drive and an underslung rear axle. It was priced at 545 and a twenty seater coach on a similar chassis was available at 765.

Austin 15 hp Westminister Landaulet
Austin 15 hp Ascot
Austin 18/24 hp Phaeton
Austin 15 hp Levee Single Landaulet

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