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John H Lindsay M.SAE-A  M.IAME
Automotive Consultant
PO Box 40
Emu Plains, NSW 2750, Australia
Technispec Services offers a professional engineering service to manufacturers, distributors and importers of motor vehicles on a short or long term contract basis.
These specialised services involve assistance with the importation, certification, homologation and subsequent registration of motor vehicles in Australia under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act., as well as Federal, States and/or Territories jurisdictions.
These services include;
 - Advice to manufacturers on Australian Design Rule requirements for the design and construction of  motor vehicles intended for sale in Australia.
 - Negotiations with the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (DoIT) to obtain accreditation for manufacturers to import and sell vehicles in Australia.
 - Preparation and submission of electronic submissions for obtaining ADR approvals.
 - Assistance with negotiations and documentation for clearance of engineering and marketing evaluation vehicles.
 - Submissions of VIN decode details to the National VIN database to enable vehicles to be registered.
 - Transmission of VINs for all vehicles to the NSW Transport authority for inclusion on the National VINs database (NEVDIS).
 - Negotiations with suppliers for the manufacture of compliance plates, in-vehicle literature, labels etc.
 - Representation on the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Technical Committee (FCAI member companies only).
 - Other services by negotiation.
Previously employed with Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Rover and MG as Engineering Manager, I now work as a consultant to the automotive industry, with clients in Australia, UK, Europe, India, Korea and China with products including cars, trucks, buses, SUV, motor cycles and motor scooters.
Technispec Services is registered with the Commonwealth Government as an Agent for certification of vehicles and has Federal Police clearance for the authorised lodgement of VINs on the National database.
As a sole trader, with very small overheads, I can offer a very cost effective service to clients with a very fast turn around..
Technispec Services maintains strict confidentiality on behalf of its clients at all times.
Technispec Services acts as an Agent for all clients in respect of the work undertaken on their behalf.
Under the conditions of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act, the responsibility for conformance with Australian legislative, safety or environmental conditions always rests with the vehicle Manufacturer and/or Licensee. The fitting of a compliance plate by the Manufacturer and/or Licensee is their acceptance of this responsibility.

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MEMBER - Society of Automotive Engineers Australia - M.SAE-A
& Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers - M.IAME